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The company Tarnas Co., Ltd. was established as a company in the field of engineering, communications and Telecommunications Focus on the presentation of quality products with international standard and quality services, consistent with the requirements of customers.

At present, the company Tarnas Limited Business in the field of engineering. More narrowed strap with customers, both public and private, both in the telecommunications, electricity power, mechanical, and sanitation from. It is to this day the projects that success. It was a success and accepted come good. Result Tarnas Company Limited has the growth rate of the enterprise and individual. The rapid increase in 15 years.

What we Do

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Data center

We are specialized in designing data center service providers certified by internationally renowned institutions. Our experience in network construction and data centers, including improvements to the original area

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We are experts in communication tower design and installation, network construction, and modern network connectivity. By providing a full range of services.

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Construction engineering is the core of our business, supervised by professional engineers. Focus on creating value for customers and long-term sustainable business.

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Piyalak Sukonrat
Chief Executive Officer

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About Tarnas

Tarnas Co.,LTD.

Distributors of power systems, air conditioning systems, backup power systems, and network systems used in telecommunications networks.

Phone : +66 2 090 2907 - 9

Fax : +66 2 090 2910

Email : info@tarnasasia.com